Katrin Verclas

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Katrin the Innovation Manager at the National Democratic Institute where she also leads the NDItech team that provides technology innovation and support to NDI's democracy-supporting programs in more than 70 countries. 

Katrin is widely known for her work on mobile technology for for organizing, advocacy, and citizen participation for civil society organizations.

She has previously founded and led several nonprofit organizations, including MobileActive.org, a global community of people using mobile tech for social change.  She was the Executive Director of NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network, the national association of IT professionals working in the more than one million nonprofit organizations in the United States and worked as program officer in a funder collaborative focused on citizen participation and government accountability.  

She was an inaugural 2009 TED Fellow, a 2010 fellow at the MIT Media Lab, and was named by Fast Company as one of the most "Influential Women in Tech" in 2011.

Photo Credit: tedeytan