Applications: Grants, Scholarships, Awards in 4.4


Do you ever need to receive applications and select one or more winners based on their merits? This session will review three major enhancements to the CiviGrant component that make it into a robust application and award management component. We'll also review the history of how JMA created these enhancements as extensions and their inclusion in core in 4.4 and possibly 4.5.

The Vimy Foundation runs a Scholarship program that accepts applications from high school students in Canada, the UK and France for a few week long summer program. Applicants include resumes, personal statements, and creative pieces that are uploaded as files or included as audio or video media links. External consultants review anonymized applications that are sent to them as PDF printouts including all fields and attached files. This Grant Profiles extension functionality will be included in 4.4.

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario is migrating from a highly customized AmSoft client server CRM to CiviCRM. In addition to supporting the Accounting Integration improvements that came out in 4.2 and 4.3, the RNAO has funded a Grant Programs extension that automatically assesses applications and allocates available program funds to deserving applications, with manual review. Email updates are sent automatically to request missing information and update people on the status of their applications. Printing checks, and handling stop payments, reprints for lost cheques and associated workflows are also included.

The Tadpole Collective is working with an Arts organization in New York state. One part of that implementation involves subcontracting JMA to add support for different types of reviews of grant applications - technical, artistic, etc., and to facilitate multiple reports over the period of a grant by grant recipients.

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Friday, September 6, 2013 -
15:25 to 16:40
Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell