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arete. IMAGINE. Inc. is a full service creative services firm focused on the needs of non-profit organizations around the world. Your organization is a brand that wants to be heard. We get that. From creatively designed web properties to social media campaigns, integrated membership management software to creative fundraising ideas, event planning to eLearning, we do it all. Things are always changing and we’re right there with the change, even setting the trends. and tomorrow morning we’ll probably find something new we’ve never done before. Can’t wait!

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We're not one's to accept things at face value. We'll always challenge industry standard and accepted operating procedure. When it comes to our software consulting we're no different. We think good software can meet the following three criteria.

  • Software that has a community of support and growth.
  • No recurring subscription fees.
  • No per user fees.

CiviCRM matches all of these three criteria and sports an impressive variety of features. As an opensource project it definitely competes with comparable software products which cost $1000's per month. We're excited about that and want to throw our full support behind this product and we want to encourage our customers and users to become involved and educated on the software as well. 

Photo Credit: shioshvili