Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporations supporting Georgia's award winning system of state parks and historic sites.  Through almost 60 local chapters and 6000 volunteers statewide, Friends works to provide volunteer and financial support to help protect and preserve Georgia's most important treasures.  

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Why Sponsoring : 

As users of CiviCRM since 2007, Friends has benfitted significantly from the growth of the application and the addition of new features.  Originally, our organization was able to sell memberships online and track donations.  Now we can do so much more.  

In 2007, when we first began using CiviCRM, we had little choice but to look for a free solution.  Our organization was very small and we had no budget for a commmercial CRM product.  Until then, we had been using spreadsheets to track our members and donors of which there weren't very many.  CiviCRM met our needs exactly and seemed like it was developed specifically for our needs.  Out of the box, we were up and running with a very professional way to track our donors and we had the capabilities of much larger organization.

Six years later, we now maintain a database of well over 20,000 current contacts, process and record over $1M in donations and memberships and, most importantly, are able to effectively deliver support to our state parks and historic sites without the cost of a commercial product.  CiviCRM has grown with us thanks to a dynamic and dedicated development community.  Our sponsorship is just one small way of giving back to this community in the hopes that CiviCRM will continue to meet the needs of organizations like ours and will continue to help non-profits worldwide to focus on service delivery.

Photo Credit: davidwilson1949