JMA Consulting

JMA Consulting provides expert CiviCRM services. Led by Joe Murray, co-author of Using CiviCRM, JMA Consulting has implemented some of the largest and most complex CiviCRM installations.

Major implementations include a system processing $100M in recurring annual donations for several Christian denominations in Canada, provincial and state voter tracking systems with over a half-million contacts, and enterprise scale deployments requiring data synchronization with legacy systems for large professional associations.

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Why Sponsoring : 

JMA Consulting believes contributions to CiviCRM help to raise all boats in the CiviCRM eco-system, improving the value proposition for organizations implementing CiviCRM and their staff, for professional services firms that assist in configuring and customizing CiviCRM, and for expert CiviCRM firms that release extensions and contribute to core functionality and quality. Sponsoring CiviCon provides resources to the Core Team to assist in responding on the forum and irc, improving CiviCRM with each new release, supporting diverse participation in coding and documentation sprints, developing shared marketing and training materials, and stewarding the growth and activity of local CiviCRM meetup communities.

Photo Credit: dbking