Progressive Technology Project

The Progressive Technology Project (PTP) was created in 1998 by social justice organizers, technology experts, and funders who realized the power of technology and the role it can play in helping groups become more productive and effective. What has always set us apart is that we are technology geeks and experts who get that technology is far less interesting than finding and building tools, systems, and practices that are the most cost effective and useful for groups doing organizing and advocacy. Our interest is to help organizations achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. We do that by helping groups strengthen their capacity — infrastructure, skills, understanding, and practice — to integrate proven technologies into the daily life of their organizations. Our staff is composed of technology, communications, and organizational development experts with decades of experience working with social justice groups. We work in the sweet spot at the intersection of organizing, voter engagement, communications, fundraising, and technology.

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Because CiviCRM offers the best online database platform and features that supports the work of community organizing and advocacy groups. CiviCRM is the core of PowerBase -- our enhanced version of CiviCRM packaged with tech support, consulting, training, and hosting services designed specifically for groups engaged in community organizing -- and we're committed to sponsor the development and growth of CiviCRM.

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