Web Access Inc

A dedicated Web Access team forms the core CiviCRM development team in India. Web Access has been the CiviCRM development partner since the project's inception by CiviCRM LLC.

We offer a range of CiviCRM consulting solutions from evaluation and migration from legacy systems to custom feature design and development to large data imports to extension development like payment processors and reports to installs and upgrades. Our team also works with other CiviCRM consultants and core team in developing major functionalities like CiviAccounts, CiviMobile and a few other significant features which are now part of he core CiviCRM.

In our most cherished role, we work behind the scenes with other CiviCRM developers and experts to provide and additional resource to complete large, complicated or just outright troublesome issues that arise in their client projects. Allowing projects to stay on time, on budget and thereby growing the CiviCRM userbase and community.

Sponsorship Level:

Why Sponsoring : 

Web Access has been the development partner of CiviCRM since it's inception. We believe in strenghtening our community through events like CiviCamp DC where users of all levels can meet face to face, and learn, not just about the software, but about each other. Web Access is proud to not only sponsor but to attend and participate in these events as active members in the CiviCRM community. 

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